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        1. AiImage intelligent independent image evaluation SaaS solution
          AiImage intelligent independent image evaluation system developed by LinkingMed is an image evaluation management and reading system for clinical trials of tumor drugs. The system supports image transmission, image cloud storage, data blinding, online image reading, online quality control, online report producing and other functions. It aims to standardize the research process, comply with relevant laws and regulations, improve research efficiency and speed up the listing of drugs and devices.
          Provide guaranteed results of medical image evaluation with quality control
          Make large-quantity medical image reading easier
          Show case
          Phase III clinical study of EGFR TKI in the treatment of NSCLC
          Registered clinical study of x-396 in the treatment of ALK + NSCLC
          Registered clinical study of MIL60in the treatment of advanced NSCLC
          Phase II / III clinical study of CM082 in the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma
          Phase III clinical study of 18F-NaF
          Function and features
          Image management
          DICOM format supported
          compressed upload
          automatic anonymization
          Image quality control
          integrity inspection
          image audit
          image labeling progress inspection
          Image reading
          Multi sequence image reading
          image labeling
          result comparison
          Report producing
          comparative display in different visit periods
          automatic efficacy evaluation
          Structured storage of patient data
          Medical image
          online uploading and storage of DICOM files, CT / MR / PET image non-destructive reading, to make the doctor's labeling is more accurate
          Text data
          structured storage of patient complaints, medical history, clinical diagnosis, course records, diagnostic examination reports and other information
          Patient's case data
          support uploading and online reading of all kinds of pictures / Excel / word / PDF and other examination reports
          Product advantages
          1.Complete and critical clinical data
          The critical clinical data are directly related to the selection of target lesions, and the direct impact rate on the image evaluation results is as high as 99%
          2.Multi sequence and synchronous image reading
          Up to 12 sequences of synchronous image reading are supported to improve the doctor’s working efficiency
          3.AI standardized intelligent automatic contouring of organ and target area
          According to related standard to complete part of organ and target areas contouring
          automatically and obtain organ and target volume and maximum diameter
          Improve the doctor’s working efficiency based on recist1.1 standard
          Classification and measurement of target and non-target lesions
          Automatically complete the efficacy evaluation of multiple visits and produce reports
          Technical advantages
          Organ segmentation technology based AI
          Segmentation of organs at risk, calculation of tumor diameter and tumor volume, and discrimination of tumor stage
          JPG2000 lossless Technology
          Image data compression and high-speed transmission, support the rapid opening of a large number of images at the same time
          Image fusion technology
          Images with different properties are fused in the same visual field to accurately judge the location of suspected lesions
          Safety technology
          HTTPS encryption, account authority control, real-time data backup
          Intelligent Compare technology
          Support the comparison of lesion images in different visit periods
          System docking
          Data sharing between different systems to reduce repeated data input
          Cooperative enterprise