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        1. RT-Viewer-contour

          Radiotherapy Contouring Software

          China Medical Device Registration Certificate 20193210606

          Core Technology

          Automatic segmentation and image analysis technology based on CT and MR

          3D reconstruction of organs technology

          Online ROI 3D reconstruction, display and 3D examination of organ contouring Based on Chrome

          B/S structure,acceleration based on GPU

          Automatic contouring of target and organ at risk

          Independent property rights

          60 invention patents, completely independent intellectual property rights
          Organ segmentation and analysis based on CT and MR images

          Simple and efficient

          Fully automatic connection of CT scanning/positioning machine and TPS without any manual operation
          Auto-contouring helps doctors improve work efficiency by 90%

          Authoritative data

          Manually labeled by senior doctors of the top three hospitals
          Accumulate 26,000 high quality, standardized image data

          Stable and compatible

          Seamlessly connecting with mainstream TPS such as Pinnacle, Eclipse, Monaco

          Fully automatic transmission of image data
          Seamlessly connecting with CT positioning machine and TPS

          Without any manually import images or select contouring template

          Fully automatic transmission of contouring results to TPS system

          Aicontour Cases

          RT-Viewer-contour helped the radiotherapy doctors improving work efficiency, and their use feedback will enhance the performance, making RT-Viewer-contour’s interaction and function very mature.